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About US 

BEST Medical was founded in 2005 with the mission and challenge of offering the quality and innovation medical products in health care market worldwide.

Initially the company's business platform was designed from the segment of Orthopedic medical devices and later, in 2018, its development was through the expansion of solutions offer, also demanded by the medical specialties and / or correlated areas: optical Instruments, Medical Consumes.

Nowadays BEST Medical already exports to over EU and Latin-American countries.


Develop, manufacture and market quality and innovative high-tech medical products to improve patient's quality of life.


To establish more branches internationally in 5 years; be an international medical group in 10 years.


· Customer Service

· Committed to Results

· Ethics

· Simplicity

· Nothing is Impossible

· Meritocracy

· Sustainability 

· Trust

· Innovation

 Quality Police

 Innovate to meet our customer's needs with safe and effective products.

 Commitment to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quality Management System.

Outstanding People

Excellent people with freedom to grow and show their potential. We believe this is the only long term sustainable competitive advantage.

Team Work 

Our leaders must select people with potential to be better than them and encourage cooperation between areas.

One must not overlap the team. We value optimism, simplicity and open mind.

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